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(Scroll down the page a little way for all the details) _____ The Nyckelharpa (or "Keyed Fiddle") is the national folk instrument of Sweden. Prices: In general, nyckelharpa prices range from about $2500 to $10,000. Please note that there are no factories, they are all hand made. The cheapest you can typically get a Swedish 3-rowed nyckelharpa, from Sweden is about $2500. There are very few used nyckelharpas available.

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01273 446809 ~ I first encountered the nyckelharpa when I was attending graduate school at the first nyckelharpa, and later I was able to buy one of the prized nyckelharpas  The Harpa from Esse enkelharpa 1700 century. Silverbasharpa late 1900 Century Kontrabasharpa early 1900 Century. Chromatic nyckelharpa. Chromatic   Making a Tenor Nyckelharpa: I like making new and interesting instruments and when I discovered this one I just couldn't resist the attempt.

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Use of this website implies full acceptance of the conditions of purchase and sale as well as  Tasty traditional tunes from Sweden on fiddle & nyckelharpa. reward for supporters of our Kickstarter campaign, but it is now available for sale as well.

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Nyckelharpa for sale

I also have (or can get) bows, straps, cases, etc. See my ad in the Oct 1996 Nyckel Notes for more info. I know a lot of nyckelharpa players in Sweden, and can likely assist in finding you a nyckelharpa, or at least more detailed information. for sale TENOR NYCKELHARPA 4 ROW (GG-D-A-e) (in customer order, played by a famous musician) built by the master Olle Plahn, in perfect condition, with case and bow price negotiable, please send me p.m. It’s a while since I collected my lovely nyckelharpa from Olle Plahn in Falun, Sweden, in May 2014. This was me trying to get a tune out of it in the hotel in Falun.

Nyckelharpa for sale

pic. Three row chromatic nyckelharpa pic.
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The Swedish National Instrument. Roughly the size of a viola, the nyckelharpa  Aryeh Frankfurter: Harp, Nyckelharpa (Keyed Fiddle), Violin-Viola-Cello (Strings), Music Arranger, Recording and Performance Artist. It is both inspiring and fun to build your own nyckelharpa. It demands patience and attention to detail.

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Sale&nb Tenornyckelharpan. This instrument is larger than the ordinary nyckelharpa. It has 70 keys in four key rows and is tuned one octave lower than the fiddle.

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Herzlich Willkommen zur Webseite rund um die Nyckelharpa. Sie ist so unbekannt, dass selbst die Netzsuche beim ehrwürdigen Brockhaus "Leider keine Suchergebnisse" ergibt. Bei Wikipedia wird man fündig: "Die Nyckelharpa ist ein Streichinstrument. Mit Hilfe eines kurzen Bogens werden ihre Saiten in Schwingung versetzt. Great deals on Lyre Harps & Dulcimers. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Fast & Free shipping on many items!